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Give the perfect gift

Digital Gift Cards

Bundles of choice, in your inbox right away.

Are you combing the internet for the absolutely perfect gift for someone who has excellent taste, and is incredibly hard to buy for?

Why not give them our whole shop to browse?

Our digital gift cards don’t expire for a long, long time (two years, to be exact), so if we don’t have what they’re after right now, we will certainly have it later.

These eGift cards can be sent directly to their email (or yours) for easy use, and they can easily be re-sent if the email becomes lost months later. 

They are redeemable in store, and online and you can also customise your gift card with a personal message.

Don’t worry if you’re in a rush, because the gift cards are emailed within minutes of purchase.

How easy! Gift sorted. 

Gift Card - Greystones Antiques
Gift Card - Greystones Antiques

Gift Card